Our Quality Control Department serves to ensure from conformity of criteria, found for products prepared and continuity of quality of products. For this, a quality assurance system is also applied. Quality control of our products that produced are made at each stage and their conformity is confirmed.

Methods applied in quality control by us consist of analysis and methods, used in developed countries in recent years. Therefore, our products are produced in international quality.


Belice Kimya develops new application fields for needs of sector and removes all missing. It applies all analysis and researches, made at each stages of production on the product, it obtains more quality and more performance results.

Our application laboratories act with our analysis and quality-control laboratories and apply all changing and developments on the product and obtain final results.

To take preventive measurements for any emergency situations and accidents.

Our the most important source to execute all activities is our employees.


It is Research and Development Department which is one of the important points in textile chemicals production. R&D Department has an important place in Belice Kimya Company.

It updates product portfolio by improving each product, produced or still in production stage constantly.

Belice Kimya researches chemicals, needed in textile sector at laboratories, built as customer-focused and resolves product demands as a result of studies and applications made upon on this matter in a short time.

Belice Kimya , made principle R&D for itself at our world under globalism, evaluates innovations in sector and customer demands in a short time by benefit from HİGHER technology


Belice Kimya produces quality, high-performance products in conformity of ecological balance. Therefore, it realizes several analysis on products, produces, producing or will be produced. So that, It helps to produce products in high performance and in good quality by supporting R&D Department.

At our analysis laboratory;

• Raw Material Analysis
• Analysis for products, which will be produced.

by using modern devices in our laboratories, there are always obtained right results at analysis.