Upon purpose of Company, our aim is to realize our studies as “single team”. One of the most important conditions to provide this is Quality Management System.

BELICE Kimya forms its own system confirmed with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System requirements.

Our Company completed its missing and deserved to take OHSA 18001:2007 Certificate, known as Occupational Safety. We believe that our Quality voyage, started by 2005, continues for long times by developing ourselves under unity feeling with our partners, suppliers, customers and employees.
  BELICE KIMYA, aimed to be “Expert Doctor” of Textile chemicals sector takes power from “confident” of its customers for BELICE KIMYA.

We owe this confident to our product range, product quality, our activities about product unity, our service networks and our attention to protect environment. Fundamental aims of our company are;

To make effort to cover customers’ demands and expectations; to provide customer satisfaction; to aim “constant improvement” when planning our activities.

to bring  textile assets, textile products and textile ranges and the best chemicals and dying materials in our product portfolio.
to aim “constant improvement” when planning our activities.

To make contribution to sustainable development by optimizing all kind of source consumption at any stages.
To protect our leadership and resolution

To protect environment by covering all legal conditions about environment.

To control, decrease and prevent features, which will cause environmental pollution
To make cooperation with people about environmental protection from our suppliers to our customers
To fulfill our undertaking under triple responsibility.

To take preventive measurements for any emergency situations and accidents.

Our the most important source to execute all activities is our employees.